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June 2017

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C O A C H A D . C O M 3 All Sports Product Education Issue CONTENTS JUNE 2017 VOL. 86, NO. 8 DEPARTMENTS 4 Between the Lines Never underestimate the value of character. 6 A.D.Ministration Fundraising in small communities. 12 Powerline Training the posterior chain. 50 Winning Edge Six reasons why programs slip and stumble. 52 Sports Medicine Spotlight Our tests to assess mobility and weakness. 54 Product Marketplace 58 Index FEATURES 16 Eight-man football Participation decline sparks interest in nontraditional game. 23 Sports product education section 40 Basketball: Power rebounding Philosophy and drills to improve players at the boards. 42 Rebounding from ACL injuries What athletes, coaches can expect on the road to recovery. 46 Baseball/softball: Coaching your outfielders Repetition leads to improved decision making during games. 16 Eight-man football 40 Power rebounding

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