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September/October 2020

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2 S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 While most of the country shut down during the spring because of COVID-19, the experts at List Industries were hard at work, solving the locker needs of high school athletic departments. Regardless of the situation, they took no shortcuts during the process. Lakeway Christian Academy, in Morristown, Tenn., utilized the postponement of school in the spring to install new lockers for eight locker rooms as part of the Academy's new High School/Middle School campus. They required lockers for the boys' football & basketball programs, the girls' basketball & volleyball programs, and for Physical Education, for both male and female athletes. For List Industries, the product selection and installation at Lakeway was the same, meticulous, customized approach that it takes for all of its customers. This process was held to the company's highest standards because of the situation involving the school closure. The List Industries representative and its dealer—School and Office Supply, Inc., with Rob Johnson handling the project from initial customer consultation through installation—recommended the right products to meet Lakeway's specific needs, and with custom solutions to prevent moisture build-up in locker areas. The entire install consisted of six different styles of lockers, including almost 700 Steel lockers and over 175 phenolic lockers. Given how needs have changed due to the Coronavirus, List Industries designed a special height footlocker for the football lockers, placing the base of the lockers on concrete bases to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing. "List Industries outfitted our basketball locker rooms and football locker rooms with their Phenolic Lockers; as well as metal lockers for our academic wings and gym locker rooms.," said Scott Bradley, Development Director at Charter Foods, Inc., who is in charge of the construction of this new Middle/High School Campus. "We originally were looking at hardwood lockers for the sports locker rooms, but arrived at the Phenolic locker due to their inherent moisture resistance, as well as more durable finish vs. a hardwood. Our locker rooms have turned out great." During the planning stages of the new athletics facilities, Steve Denny, Head of School and Acting Athletic Director, placed a high priority on making the perfect locker room environment. "Having served in the athletic industry for almost 20 years at private Christian schools, I am a firm believer that the athletic department—coaches and athletes—will perform based on the standard of expectation and demonstration," Denny said. "Having wonderful facilities is just one component of that. While we normally think about the field or the gym when referencing facilities, the locker rooms play an important role. Athletes spend more time at school than we often realize and consequently, we want our facilities to feel like a home away from home." And Lakeway found the perfect partner to accomplish that by working with List Industries. "While navigating through this challenging time of the pandemic, List Industries provided a quality product that we feel should stand the test of time," said Bradley. Lakeway Christian Academy partners with List Industries to provide locker solutions to its new athletic facilities ADVERTISEMENT Choose #101 online

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