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2 2 0 2 0 T E C H G U I D E DR. DISH Describe how your product helps coaches, athletic directors or other sports industry professionals. Dr. Dish training machines bring high repetition and professional training right to your gym. At the most basic level, players can shoot 1,000-plus shots an hour from spots all around the perimeter. They can put up five times as many reps than if they didn't have access to a machine. Taking it to the next level, with our newest Dr. Dish CT machine, coaches and players can design their own workouts in seconds or choose from more than 150 team/individual workouts from top programs, including Duke, Louisville, Florida and UNLV. They also can learn from top basketball skills trainers like Drew Hanlen, DJ Sackmann and Jordan Lawley. The expert breakdowns and training analytics are instantly available on the Dr. Dish CT 15.6-inch touchscreen. What specific problems/challenges does your product solve? By having on-demand access to top coaches and trainers, the Dr. Dish CT solves many skill development challenges. It also creates genuine excitement among players. We often hear from coaches who say that developing talent and skill has always been a challenge. Specifically, replicating game-like scenarios within practices and training sessions is difficult within a high repetition setting. When coaches aren't present, there's no assurance that players are working on the right things — until now. With the Dr. Dish CT, the skill development and training we provide simulates in-game scenarios, which separates us from anything else in the industry. It's a different game when players can practice like they play while receiving in-depth, expert breakdowns. The accountability piece also is extremely powerful for both players and coaches. With the ability to upload detailed stats and analytics, coaches know exactly who's working and how they're progressing. What sets you apart from similar products or competitors? Innovation. We take pride in providing more than just a shooting machine, but a complete training solution with world-class content for coaches and players. With the Dr. Dish CT, we're taking interactive, on- demand training like P90X and Peloton and bringing it to basketball. As technology evolves, we're committed to improving our products and solutions. By making our machines more user-friendly, tech savvy and versatile, we feel we're accomplishing just that. We've been fortunate to work with top NCA A teams (Duke, Baylor, Florida), NBA teams (Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers), top-level trainers (Drew Hanlen, DJ Sackmann, Jordan Lawley), and NBA players (Mike Conley Jr., Zach LaVine, Frank Mason III) who are all using Dr. Dish to accelerate their skill development. Analytics are increasingly important to basketball programs. What type of data does Dr. Dish track for athletes? The data and analytics captured by Dr. Dish are uploaded to our Training Management System and Dr. Dish app, where coaches and players can track all of their stats and progress. Beyond tracking total workouts, shots, makes and improvement metrics, the dashboard provides a heat map that can be sorted by player or group. We've heard from coaches who specifically design plays for their best players to receive the ball in their "hot spots" based on the Dr. Dish data. We've also heard from coaches who discover which players are struggling from specific areas on the court. From there, they design workouts that focus on that skill while keeping those players accountable. Some coaches may not be as comfortable using technology in practices. Is Dr. Dish user-friendly, or does it come with training? The beauty of Dr. Dish is that any coach or player can use it as simply or as in-depth as they'd like. Either way, within seconds, players can be shooting free throws or executing a complete team workout that contains shooting drills, ball handling and agility. The Dr. Dish technology is extremely intuitive, but we also have a dedicated Dr. Dish customer success team that is happy to walk through any questions and set up teams/players in the Training Management System. We're extremely accessible here at Dr. Dish and want to provide the best possible support for our customers. TALKING TECH WITH:

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