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November/December 2019

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C O A C H A D . C O M 51 Choose #159 online Not satisfied with your sound system? C o u l d a n O c t a s o u nd sys t em wo r k f o r yo u ? • Low Cost One Octasound speaker will do the job of several conventional speakers. Tulsa E xpo Center used 12 Octasounds instead of 200 conventional speakers to cover a huge 4 48,000 sq f t space ! You save on hardware and you save on installation. Amazing Sound Quality Over and over again customers repor t that they can hardly believe how good the Octasound speakers sound. This applies to music as well as announcements. Solid Durability The Octasound speaker was born in the crucible of Canadian hockey arenas where cold, moisture and stray slap shots would quickly destroy a speaker that wasn't built to take the punishment. Want some relief from the headache of bad sound? Call us today. K D M E l e c t r o n i c s I n c o r p o r a t e d w w w. o c t a s o u n d . c o m 1 - 8 0 0 - 5 6 7 - 6 2 8 2 Cutaway View of 360∘model "Right from the moment of our first test I was amazed by the volume and clarity of the Octasound speaker!" ~Richard Bailey, Tulsa Expo Square "The difference between the system I used to use for presentations and the Octasound setup is like night and day!" ~ Lynda Humphries, Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre "We are totally satisfied with our new Octasound system, especially considering the previous problems we had in addressing our acoustically difficult hockey arena." ~Chief Larry King, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne "I was totally amazed by its sound quality, especially the voice clarity during crowded public sessions. All this in one very compact speaker." ~ Peter A. Bilous General Manager The Skating Club of Wilmington Wilmington, Delaware "Once we heard a short demo of the Octasound speakers we were sold. The new system is a dramatic improvement." ~John Whittle, Andy Anderson Arena, CFB Borden, Ontario Choose #156 online

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