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18 2 0 1 9 T E C H G U I D E parents, legal and societal issues, training and coaches, equipment and facilities." In tackle football, for example, player safety is now the game's most important cause. As a result, keeping players injury-free has become what Whitehead calls "a technology arms-race." Leading the charge for a better youth and high school football helmet, Seattle-based tech startup VICIS introduced its super-safe ZERO1 Youth in September 2018, backed by famous athletes and investors such as Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith and Roger Staubach Because the new helmet's high safety rating comes with a higher price tag, VICIS partnered with Whitehead's to make player safety affordable for more teams. "FundMyTeam campaigns for the VICIS ZERO1 have taken off like a rocket," says Whitehead. "It's because of the killer combo of three factors--player safety as a great cause, super-easy all- online campaigns run by expert FundMyTeam Captains delivering "N obody gets into youth or high school sports to be a fundraiser," says NFL Hall of Famer and four-time Super Bowl Champion Ronnie Lott. That includes Anne-Sophie Whitehead, a serial media entrepreneur who for the past 16 years has volunteered to lead one of New Jersey's largest multisport youth leagues. Her experience as a team-mom and league trustee led her to launch as the easy, fast, sure way for teams to raise funds, and to share best practices with her fellow sports organization leaders. Today, Whitehead counts Ronnie Lott among her company's many investors. NFL HALL OF FAMER AND TEAM MOM CHANGE TEAM SPORT FUNDING HABITS How stars like Ronnie Lott, Cal Ripken Jr., Russell Wilson, Roger Staubach and Alex Wilson are helping keep sports safe and affordable by backing several new technologies. Four-time Super Bowl Champion and League Network investor Ronnie Lott. MLB Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr and colleage football Champion and legend Maurice Clarett are among the many team sport leaders who have joined Whitehad's TLC Sport Summits to promote team sport best practices. Youth league leader and media entrepreneur Anne- Sophie Whitehead trademarked League Network's slogan Better Leagues, Better Lives®. high team profits, and funding deadlines for helmet orders. Fundraising magic comes from joining a great cause with easy-and- successful campaigns and hard deadlines." Yet player safety is not the only great fundraising cause in youth and high school sports. Celebrities such as MLB Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and college football champion- turned social entrepreneur Maurice Clarett have joined Whitehead's call for fundraising and education to keep sports affordable and enjoyable. League Network was born to be a catalyst for youth sports. FundMyTeam was created to answer the need to keep quality youth sports affordable. Both entities serve the company's cause: "Better Leagues, Better Lives". "Face it, youth and high school team sports are increasingly difficult and expensive to manage", Whitehead observes. "Because youth sports is a $19 billion industry, there is big pressure on sports organization leaders, coaches and ADs to go pro. We now handle more complex stuff than ever—raising money, selecting new technology, managing participation and player safety, volunteers, administration and Advertorial

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