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Coach's Playbook: The Pat Summitt Legacy

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Circle #104 or text CADNOV 104 to 41411 THE DEFINITE DOZEN Summitt 's coaching and life philosophy are cemented in the Definite Dozen, her rules for success: • Respect Yourself and Others • Take Full Responsibility • Develop and Demonstrate • Loyalty • Learn to Be a Great • Communicator • Discipline Yourself So No • One Else Has To • Make Hard Work Your • Passion • Don't Just Work Hard, • Work Smart • Put the Team Before Yourself • Make Winning an Attitude • Be a Competitor • Change Is a Must • Handle Success Like You Handle Failure. These rules governed every aspect of how Summitt conducted herself on and off the court. She instilled them into all of her players and mentees. Shelley Collier has the Definite Dozen posted above her desk and in her high school girls' basketball team's locker room . Ever y time her players head out of the locker room , they jump up and tap Summitt 's words . Summitt 's coaching style is what Collier tries to emulate as a coach. " When the lights are on and everyone's watching, Pat was the type who wanted to win. The bigger the stage the more she wanted to shine. She never ran from any circumstances and always embraced them and when her back was against the wall, she came out fighting," Collier said. Th ese ru l es we re c o n sta nt . Th ey we re th e g ove rn i n g b o d y i n a l l S u m m it t d i d a s a c o a c h . Th ey 're th e sta n d a rd s eve r y c o a c h s h o u l d a p p ly to th e i r ow n p ro g ra m s a s a fo u n d ati o n; b u i l d i n g u p o n th e D efi n ite D oze n wi l l l e a d to g re ate r s u c c es s i n s p o r ts a n d l ife . ADVERTISEMENT | © 2018 Pat Summitt Leadership Group Circle #103 or text CADNOV 103 to 41411

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