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on her assistant coaches for information; this meant that while her graduate assistants were preparing the countless hours of tape that she watched, her assistant coaches (and everyone around her) were always providing her with other information in order to give her a complete picture at all times. "I can't tell you how many former players and colleagues would call her constantly. On recruiting trips she was talking to people constantly," DeMoss said. "She never wavered from integrity. Her loss was not just the biggest I've ever experienced; it was a loss for the whole coaching profession, across gender lines," said DeMoss, who considered Summitt to be her best friend. The two even owned a villa in Florida together, and when their time there would overlap, they'd enjoy a different type of competition — golf. Moore often joined them on the course. Moore said: "Pat and I were always partners, but we didn't win all the time, and Mickie loved that. Pat had a great ability to have fun while playing hard." Beyond her coaching style and abilities, Summitt had an innate ability to prioritize and a tremendous memory for details. She managed being a mother, a coach, a wife and a friend to DeMoss and Moore. She always took time for her fans. Her championship attitude continues to influence players through DeMoss, other coaches and her players — some of whom are now coaches themselves. HEAD COACH AND CHIEF MOTIVATOR Shelley Collier played under Summitt from 1983-87, after which she was graduate assistant to the legendary coach and responsible for cutting all of the film that Summitt inhaled to prepare for practices and games. The knowledge Summitt gained from watching that film helped her win championships. The standards she had for her players never wavered. "She held ever yone to a higher standard and never lost focus and never got caught up in her own success," Collier said . " Pat was always prepared with a handwritten plan . She stuck to who she was and what she was good at. We always worked on defense. Always did drills for rebounding ." As a player, Collier was recruited by Summitt as well as Louisiana Tech's Baumer. At the time, the LT program was the premiere one, and both head coaches were pushing Collier to make a choice. While on a recruiting visit, Summitt told Collier not to be afraid to be good. That evening, Collier scored 47 points. After the game, Summitt asked her, "Shelley, if you had the opportunity to win a national championship and there was no time left on the clock and you were at the free-throw line, who would you want to be shooting for — Louisiana Tech or Tennessee?" The next day, Collier called Summitt and said: "Pat, this is Shelley. I am ready to shoot that free throw." From that moment, Collier began the journey that would lead her to becoming a celebrated high school basketball coach. Collier led the Lady Vols to their first NCA A national championship in 1987. Collier said she learned who she was through Summitt 's coaching. " When it gets hard, people want to quit. It 's the hardest thing. When things go bad they just want to throw it in. But that is the time when you embrace it figure out who you are. (It) can be greater than it would have been in the first place. Pat 's final lesson was how to embrace diversity." Summitt 's Alzheimer's diagnosis was that diversity. SUMMITT'S LEGACY In the summer of 2016, Summitt succumbed to early onset Alzheimer's disease after a five-year battle, just two weeks after her 64th birthday. She was — and remains — the winningest women's basketball coach with 1,098 total wins and only 208 losses, plus eight national championships and more years as part of the Final Four than not. Her legacy continues in all of the players and coaches with whom she worked, in the minds of basketball fans, and through the Pat Summitt Leadership Group, an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring girls and women through the life of Pat Summitt. ADVERTISEMENT | © 2018 Pat Summitt Leadership Group Circle #103 or text CADNOV 103 to 41411

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